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Tires bought March '09 for my daughter in college who lives 3 hrs away. We do the ceremonial car service when she is in town. While on Spring Break, took her car to have tires rotated/balanced.

The service tech immediately starts feeling for rear treads and states "these tires are very uneven. You need a new set of tires" I asked why and the response was "when rotated they will roar and cause a possible hazard". I told the gentleman these tires are only 2 yrs old, have maybe 35k miles on them. He tries to sell a new set of tires, I say no. He then tells of selling tires to a lady who totaled her car and can sell me them as used and get a 'good' deal. Again I say "NO! I am not here to buy tires". He then pulls out a business card and writes $40 off any new set installed. The person was Ian Duarte, store manager.

I immediately went to NTB at a nearby location and had them rotate/balance the tires for $49.16. They said nothing about need for tires, tread life, hazard of tires. The tires are Yokahama with 60k tread life.

I was upset and wrote a complaint letter to the local regional office and the corporate headquarters. I sent invoice numbers where the tires were rotated every 8-9k miles at this same location, the mileage as recorded on invoices, and my dissatisfaction with how it was handled. The local rep called once and said he wanted to discuss it but whem I called back was unavailable.

The assumption that services are included with the purchase are what made my decision to buy tires for this car and another, my wife's. I now have had to repay for a service which was promised. This is certainly a bait and switch tactic or, at the least, a deception in consumer trust. I have vowed to tell all family and friends about this incident and encouraged them to steer clear from this dealer. Buyer Beware!

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