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I took my truck to Discount Tire. And I Drive a Lincoln Blackwood.

And they got inexperience employees that don't know how to work on fancy vehicles. The damage my air ride. When to manager and never response to my calls. Finally one of the manager did.

Want it to help me after Two years dealing with this issue. When He contact corporate office. I received a call from some yerk at corporate office and told me that He won't fixed my peoblem because is being 2 years. Like if it was my fault that He's management won't respond to calls.

I should have done what my wife had told me to get a lawyer. I didn't want to do that thinking that discount will take care the problem.

I guess I was wrong and she was right. If you drive a nice ride get tires in a more responsible place that will take care any damage they do to your ride.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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personally I shopped around for a trusted agency and found one I have used for 5 years on all my families cars.Price is not an issue as they are fair. My advice is never use anyone you have a problem with and shop around.

I get tires, engine work and anything else from there as they stand by the product. I also get body work from mieneke which I swear by .

car always looks like new and the service is fast. :)


What ever. For real. :grin


Maybe you should spend more money on ENGLISH LESSONS INSTEAD OF FANCY CARS!!

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